Vama | Helena Earrings | Metal-Sterling Silver | Stone-White Pearl | Finish-Brushed

$129.00 AUD


The Helena earrings are a modern and stylish choice with their thick 24k gold-plated sterling silver hoops. The freshwater pearl hanging delicately in the center adds a touch of class to these earrings. Whether dressing up for a special occasion or wearing them for everyday wear, the gold plating makes these hoops a versatile and sophisticated choice.


  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Stone: Freshwater Pearl
  • Finish: Brushed

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Charlotte Newhouse

I was pleasantly surprised by the Helena earrings from Vama. The combination of brushed finish and a single white pearl provides a clean, sophisticated look that is versatile enough for both office and evening wear. The quality is impressive for the price, and they hang beautifully. A must-buy for anyone who loves timeless pieces that can transition through different occasions.

Matilda Rudd

Helena earrings blend a classic design with a modern twist. The brushed finish on the metal pairs perfectly with the lustrous white pearl, giving these earrings a contemporary yet timeless appeal. They are an ideal choice for those who appreciate jewelry that can make a statement in a subtle way. These earrings are a classy touch to any ensemble.

Grace Jagger

The Helena earrings from Vama are the epitome of understated elegance. Crafted from gold plated silver with a soft brushed finish, these earrings exude a subtle shimmer that complements the radiant white pearl at their center. They are lightweight and comfortable, making them perfect for all-day wear. These earrings are a great addition to any jewelry collection for their simplicity and grace.

Ava Blyth

While the design of the Helena earrings from Vama is undoubtedly attractive, the overall quality didn't quite meet my expectations. The brushed finish on the sterling silver is nice, but it seems prone to scratching and wear over a short period. The pearl, while pretty, does not seem very securely fastened. These earrings are decent for occasional wear but might not withstand frequent use.

Jessica Fahey

These Helena earrings by Vama are a testament to discreet elegance. The brushed sterling silver is beautifully executed, providing a unique matte texture that contrasts well with the glossy white pearl. However, they are smaller than I anticipated, which may be a point to consider if you prefer more noticeable jewelry. Nonetheless, they are perfect for anyone who values elegance in small packages.