Vama | Samira Ring | Metal-Sterling Silver | Stone-Garnet | Finish-Matt

$239.00 AUD



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This unique ring features an ancient finish round design with a single small stone in the middle, creating a timeless and classic look. The versatile style makes it perfect for both casual and formal occasions, adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit in 24k gold-plated sterling silver.


  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Finish: Matt
  • Stone:  Garnet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Matilda Askew

In love with my ring! The setting shines beautifully with its matte finish, and the garnet stone exudes a timeless allure. It's the ideal accessory for those who appreciate understated glamour.

Lily Strachan

Absolutely enamored with my Samira Ring! The silver construction feels luxurious, and the garnet stone adds a bold elegance. Its matte finish gives it a unique charm that's simply captivating.

Chloe Leadbetter

My Samira Ring is a contemporary gem! Crafted from sterling silver plated with 24K gold, its matte finish adds a modern edge to the deep allure of the garnet stone. It's a chic accessory that commands attention.

Charlotte Parry

The Vama Ring is a true work of art! Made from silver platef with gold, its matte finish creates a beautiful contrast with the deep hues of the garnet stone. It's a piece that effortlessly combines elegance with boldness.

Grace McKenna

The Samira Ring is a perfect blend of modernity and sophistication! Crafted with gold plated silver, its matte finish enhances the richness of the garnet stone. It's a versatile piece that elevates any ensemble.