Vama | Asteria Earrings | Metal-Sterling Silver | Stone-Turquoise | Finish-Shiny

$129.00 AUD


Elevate your style to new heights with the alluring flower-shaped earrings. A symphony of nature's finest hues, these earrings feature captivating Turquoise and ruby stones set against a lustrous 24k gold-plated sterling silver base. Each earring is a work of art, expertly crafted to exude luxury and exclusivity. Indulge in the beauty of nature and make a statement with these one-of-a-kind earrings


  • Metal: Sterling Silver
  • Stone: Turquoise
  • Finish: Shiny
  • Hoop diameter -20mm
  • Flower diameter - 15mm
  • Flowers diameter- 15mm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Emily Lister

The Asteria earrings by Vama are like a piece of the starry sky captured in jewelry form. The sterling silver is polished to a high shine, which brilliantly reflects light, much like stars twinkling in the night. The turquoise stones add a slice of heavenly blue, making these earrings a perfect statement piece. They are substantial in presence yet light enough to wear comfortably through the night.

Ellie Canter

The handcrafted feel of the Asteria earrings from Vama brings an artisanal charm to the table. The shiny finish on the sterling silver complements the earthy vibe of the turquoise, creating a balanced aesthetic. These earrings are perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of organic elegance to their accessory collection.

Harper Houldsworth

Vama's Asteria earrings are a bold and beautiful addition to any jewelry box. The combination of shiny sterling silver and the vibrant turquoise stone results in a piece that's both eye-catching and elegant. They have become my go-to for days when my outfit needs a lively splash of color. Plus, the quality is fantastic these earrings feel every bit as good as they look.

Ruby Stacey

The shiny sterling silver and turquoise stones of the Vama Asteria earrings offer a sophisticated yet playful look. The earrings dangle at just the right length, providing movement and a flash of color that is not overwhelming. They are well-made and sturdy, yet it's important to note that turquoise can be sensitive to chemicals, so wearing them with care is advised.

Violet Greenall

These Asteria earrings by Vama are a turquoise treasure. The shiny sterling silver sets off the deep blue of the turquoise in a way thats simply mesmerizing. They're a classic shape with a modern twist, versatile enough for both casual wear and more dressy occasions. They have quickly become a beloved piece in my wardrobe.