About Us

The story so far....


Vama Couture was born out of a 50-year old passion for jewellery...a desire to create beautiful products using traditional, time-honoured skills and fashion led design!

Each piece in the Vama collection is hand crafted by highly skilled, dedicated artisans. Traditional craftsmanship is infused into all our products and every item in our collection echoes the love and skill of the hands that made it. Using techniques handed down through the generations, our jewellery not only look great but also tell a story of lives changed through safe, sustainable employment, training and education.

Priyanka's passion for jewellery and upbringing in a family of jewellers, has allowed Vama Couture to offer the best quality jewellery in the market at never before seen designs and customizations.

We are proud to continue the family tradition of jewellery making, delivered via a more effective model suited to suited to each customer's unique needs and aesthetics by allowing them to create their own variations of the design.

When shopping at Vama Couture, rest assured you are dealing with jewellery lovers and experts! ♥